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Monday, December 21, 2015

Why so many questions?

Do you like trivia? The kind of useless facts that has no real practical value? 

Tell me one.

Here is one for you about colors: Red and yellow increases your appetite, that's the reason KFC and McDonalds are painted predominantly reddish and yellowish, the same reason why you should never paint your bedroom with yellow or red.

That's the last trivia I want to hear today. Why do you ask so many questions all the time?

Because I wish I knew all about you.

Wouldn't it be unbearably boring if you knew my reply to every question you ask? Imagine, you ask me about my favorite movie , and before I reply , somehow , miraculously, you knew the answer.
What a boring life would that be - like a trailer full of spoilers.

I ask so many questions to you that I feel like a three year old pestering his grandpa on a bus trip.

Grandpa just wants peace of mind, but the grand kid prefers a piece of grandpa's aging mind.

Yes, Grandpa's all knowing mind. If I was that little kid, you are that sweet and endearing Grandpa.